"St. Joseph River"
"St. Joseph River 2"
"St. Joseph River 3"
"St. Joseph River 4"
"St. Joseph River 5"
"St. Joseph River 6"
"St. Joseph River 7"
"D.R. 1960"
"The Mannerheim Line"
"The Mannerheim Line 2"
"The Mannerheim Line 3"
"The Mannerheim Line 4"
"Welcome To Poppy's
"Poppy Waves"
"Tires 2"
"Taxi Repair"
"They Act As Lovers"
"Yellow Door"
"Yellow Door Man"
"Neil, Buzz and Dick" - 1969: Polaroid prints, 10x12 in"
"Untitled_1.jpg" - 1973: Silkscreen on paper, 18.5x22 in
"She Showed Me The Right Dirrection, But I Couldn't See The Way" - 1975: Intaglio on paper, h: 34x w: 48 in
"Beemer" - 1992: Wax print on paper, h: 34x w: 48 in